Brüno, I Love You, Beth Cooper and The Hurt Locker Take Over Exclaim!'s Film Review Round-Up

<i>Brüno</i>, <i>I Love You, Beth Cooper</i> and <i>The Hurt Locker</i> Take Over Exclaim!'s Film Review Round-Up
Guten tag film fans. It's Friday and that means it's time for the silver screen to shine with something new. So if you feel this week has taken its toll on your psyche, check out Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed Motion section to unwind and then head over to your closest big screen.

It's no doubt that this week's big one is Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen's follow-up to the 2006 surprise hit Borat. Using another character from Da Ali G Show, Cohen sets out on an undercover adventure yet again to expose society's stereotypes and misconceptions, this time as a flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter in search of the latest style trends. Hilarity ensues of course.

Next up: what do you get when you combine the powers of a Simpsons writer, the director of Mrs. Doubtfire and two Harry Potter films? It's not Captain Planet, it's I Love You, Beth Cooper. This is a story of a geeky high school grad who declares his love for a titular cheerleader in his valedictorian speech, and ends up having his last night of high school turned upside down.

Finally, Exclaim! looks at The Hurt Locker, a film about an explosive ordnance disposal team in Iraq and the psychological issues they must deal with as they press onward through the chaos of war that surrounds them. With majestic and suspense-filled cinematography from director Kathryn Bigelow and a heart-wrenching story, this isn't just a must-see recommendation, it's a definite-see.

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