BOSS' Metal Zone Guitar Pedal Is at the Centre of a 5G Conspiracy

No, the MT-2 is not a COVID vaccine chip
BOSS' Metal Zone Guitar Pedal Is at the Centre of a 5G Conspiracy
As the world works towards widespread COVID-19 vaccination, conspiracy theorists continue to spout anti-vax falsities about population control and viral spread. Now, some of the latest misinformation to be stamped out somehow involves a popular stompbox from BOSS.

Guitar World points out that a circuitry schematic of BOSS' Metal Zone MT-2 — a pedalboard mainstay of any aspiring shredder — has been passed around by conspiracists in Italy as a purported diagram of a "COVID-19 chip" inserted into doses of the vaccine.

Software engineer Mario Fusco brought attention to the claim on Twitter, sharing the "confidential" diagram that had been circulated by conspiracists.

While the diagram features a label altered to indicate the inclusion of a "5G frequency" transmitter, guitarists of any style can point to unchanged labels concerning bass, treble, gain, and footswitch attachment.

There are legitimate concerns surrounding the rapid adoption of 5G technology, but its inclusion in a COVID-19 vaccination is not one. Pondering the hilarity of a MT-2 chip shot's existence, one user wrote, "It will not prevent COVID, but it will rock your world."