Boom Bip & Dose One Circle

Mush electronic producer Boom Bip and everyone's favourite 1200 Hobos poet/MC Dose One have combined to create one of the greatest contemporary hip-hop albums, and it shall forever remain a classic. Circle is definitely way out there in terms of hip-hop, with constantly morphing beats and Dose's singsong spoken word flow. Included with the CD is a booklet of lyrics that make understanding Dose's fast-pace nasal flow a whole lot easier. Whether it's the Southern booty call of "Square," (where the chorus goes "Circle, y'all, it's circle, y'all"), the off-and-on techno-metal of "Questions Over Coffee," or the ringing buzz of the aptly titled "Goddamn Telephone," Boom Bip constantly matches the intensity of Dose, bringing him to levels he normally only reaches as part of Greenthink. Hell, Boom Bip even makes Dose's laundry instructions sound dope. You think I'm kidding, don't you? Circle could be the most important musical purchase you make this year, no matter what type of music you listen to. Or even if you hate music and just really love poetry. (Mush)