Boogie Monster "Born Free" (M.I.A. cover)

Boogie Monster 'Born Free' (M.I.A. cover)
Eccentric Vancouver noise rockists Boogie Monster are back with this high-energy attempt at M.I.A.'s "Born Free."

Once the track's early flurry of trilled guitar notes and frantic drum fills settles into that familiar, oscillated "Ghost Rider" nod, singer/six-stringer Ben Fussel start moaning Maya's words through some sort of space phone. From there, the ramshackle, psychedelic shit fit unfurls like Lighting Bolt's Ride the Skies fused through an electro-metal meat grinder.

You can check out the cover for yourself down below.

Boogie Monster - Born Free (M.I.A. Cover) by ben-fussel