Bono Reveals Plans for Three New U2 Albums

Bono Reveals Plans for Three New U2 Albums
After being laid up with a back injury, you'd think Bono would want to take it easy for a while. Instead, the U2 frontman has revealed that the band already have not one but three new albums in the works.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the singer said, "We have Songs of Ascent, which is the meditative work that was meant to complement No Line on the Horizon. We've got a rock album. We also have a club-sounding album."

This new material doesn't include the band's long-delayed Spider-Man musical, which is scheduled to premier in December. All told, Bono estimated that they have 25 to 30 new songs.

As for how and when these songs will be released, Bono isn't sure. He did admit, however, that he has been taking advice from his former rival, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin: "[He] called me and said, 'I hear you've got all these albums going. I have a great idea. Why not just pick the best songs from all of them and put them out now?' And I'm like, 'Hmm…'"

Bono added that, by the time U2 play their rescheduled North American tour dates next summer, he expects that they will have a new album to promote.

Then again, maybe we shouldn't take everything he says too seriously. He claimed, "We're alchemists. We turn shit into gold. We turn it [an arena show] into a communion." To his credit, he also admitted, "I have an annoying gene. I am, as a character, at times, a little overbearing."