Bonnie 'Prince' Billy To Release Live Album in October

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy To Release Live Album in October
Will Oldham has released a lot of albums, but somehow the artist more commonly known as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy has yet to release a live one. Well, this is set to change on October 20 when Domino releases Is It the Sea?, a collection of 2006 live recordings from various Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy shows in Scotland, Ireland and Newcastle.

On the 13-track disc, Oldham is joined by a cast of traditional Scottish players, including Edinburgh's Harem Scarem, who bring fiddles, flutes, banjos and accordions to the performaces, and Glasgow’s Alex Neilson, who sticks to drums and percussion. According to Domino, these musicians are "helping the Prince reach deep into his catalogue to produce a set long on magic and high on drama,” as Oldham dishes out tracks like "Master and Everyone,” "Wolf Among Wolves” and "Love Comes To Me.”

And in efforts to please all music fans no matter their format of choice, Is It the Sea? will come on CD, digital download and a double-dose of vinyl. Here is the tracklisting:

1. "Minor Place”
2. "Love Comes to Me”
3. "Bed Is for Sleeping”
4. "Arise Therefore”
5. "Wolf among Wolves”
6. "Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise?”
7. "Cursed Sleep”
8. "Molly Bawn”
9. "Birch Ballad”
10. "New Partner”
11. "Is It the Sea?”
12. "My Home Is the Sea”
13. "Master And Everyone”