Bonnie "Prince" Billy to Deliver New Takes on Old Favourites for 'Here's My Plan' EP

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy to Deliver New Takes on Old Favourites for 'Here's My Plan' EP
This year has been a predictably busy one for prolific folk artist Bonnie "Prince" Billy, having already released a double seven-inch with Mariee Sioux, a solo single and both an EP and full-length collaboration with Trembling Bells. But the man born Will Oldham always has more in store for listeners. Next up is an EP of redone Oldham classics called Here's My Plan.

A firm release date has yet been set, but a press release confirms that Drag City will deliver the six-song effort in conjunction with Oldham's reflective book Will Oldham on Bonnie "Prince" Billy, which allegedly offers "never-before-gleamed insight into the ideas of mystery, intimacy, spontaneity and community that run deep through his formidable canon of work."

The book's North American release through W.W. Norton & Company is still to be determined, but it arrives May 5 in the UK through Faber & Faber.

The EP, meanwhile, finds Oldham and his current Wolfroy Goes to Town backup band of Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Emmett Kelly, Danny Kiely and Angel Olsen tackling some gems from his vast back catalogue. Revisited tunes include "I Don't Belong to Anyone" from 2009's Beware, "No Gold Digger" off 1996's Arise Therefore and the title track to 1999's I See a Darkness.

You can check out the tracklist down below and the artwork up above.

UPDATE: Domino will release the Now Here's My Plan EP in the UK on July 23. The label will also reissue the following Oldham releases on June 30: Palace Brothers' 1996 album Arise Therefore and 1997's Joya, as well as Bonnie "Price" Billy's 1999 record I See a Darkness, 2001's Ease Down the Road, 2003's Master and Everyone and 2004 Greatest Palace Music. However, the reissues will not be released in North America.

Here's My Plan:

1. I Don't Belong To Anyone
2. Beast For Thee
3. No Gold Digger
4. After I Made Love To You
5. I See A Darkness
6. Three Questions