Bonnie "Prince" Billy Lines Up New Single

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Lines Up New Single
Always active indie folk star Bonnie "Prince" Billy (aka Will Oldham) released his latest full-length Wolfroy Goes to Town last fall, and also announced an upcoming collaborative double seven-inch with Marie Sioux, but the musician has a few more jams to send our way, explaining his new single "Time to Be Clear."

Interestingly, a press release points out that while the digital version of the single will feature the aforementioned Wolfroy Goes to Town cut, along with two previously unreleased B-sides ("Whipped," and "Out-Of-Mind"), a seven-inch edition will feature just the exclusive numbers. Either way, each package drops February 28 through Drag City.

"Whipped" is said to feature a "weary tone and limping gait-lessness," while "Out-Of-Mind" is apparently a 21 century honky-tonk number with a "jukebox feeling." Both numbers were recorded by occasional collaborator David Ferguson, who also recorded last year's "There Is No God" single and tracked Johnny Cash's version of Oldham's "I See a Darkness" in 2000.

"Time to Be Clear":

1. "Time to Be Clear" (digital only)
2. "Whipped"
3. "Out-Of-Mind"