Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Set To Release "Most Ambitious Record To Date.”

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Set To Release 'Most Ambitious Record To Date.”
His last album may not even be a year old but the songwritin’ mountain man best known as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is gearing up to deliver another full-length. On March 17, Will Oldham’s most-beloved moniker will release Beware courtesy of his pals over at Drag City. And if you’d like to believe the press release, it’s his "most ambitious record to date.”

In fact, the press release has a lot of fancy things to say about Beware, as Tiny Mix Tapes has pointed out. Here are just a few:

— "It blooms in low light and cold but thrives in the sun as well, showing enticing spots and eating small creatures as they wander into its jaws."

— "Where fiddle and steel contribute their rustic timbre alongside guitars and voices, a thickening thud of low tone rolls beneath, giving the record a bottom that’s fun to watch bounce in new clothes."

— "Song titles suggest half of a heated dialogue, perhaps just one side of a super-apocalypto phone call.”

— "Sometimes all you want to do is f**k.” (Publicist’s stars, not ours)

As far as the press release’s useful, but nevertheless dull, information goes, it tells us that joining Oldham on this follow-up to Lie Down in Light will be his regular backing players Josh Abrams, Jennifer Hutt, Emmett Kelly and Michael Zeran, along with several special guests, such as Dee Alexander, Leroy Bach, Jim Becker, Robert Cruz, DV DeVincentis, Jon Langford, Greg Leisez, Rob Mazurek, Nicole Mitchell and Azita Youseffi.

A bunch of live dates are expected to fall around the March 17 release date, but none has been announced thus far. However, we do know the tracklisting for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Beware. Here it is:

1. "Beware Your Only Friend”
2. "You Can’t Hurt Me Now”
3. "My Life’s Work”
4. "Death Final”
5. "Heart’s Arms”
6. "You Don’t Love Me”
7. "You Are Lost”
8. "I Won’t Ask Again”
9. "I Don’t Belong to Anyone”
10. "There Is Something I Have To Say”
11. "I Am Goodbye”

12. "Without Work, You Have Nothing”
13. "Untitled”

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