The Bone Chimes "High Line" (video)

The Bone Chimes 'High Line' (video)
Orchestral indie popsters the Bone Chimes will be releasing a self-titled EP later this summer, but before it arrives, Exclaim! has got your first glimpse at the new video for "High Line."
Hailing from New York City, the five-piece is fronted by Tobi D'Amore and features friends and fellow musicians Ben Dobay (woodwinds/keys), Tom Rizacassa (bass), Vincent Byrne (drums) and Alessandra Migliaccio (vocals/keys). With their eclectic mix of instrumentation and charming pop sensibilities, the Bone Chimes are ready to follow-up their debut album In the Muck.
"High Line" is an upbeat number, and while it's driven by D'Amore's acoustic guitar at its core, groovy keyboards, double bass, horns and female vocal harmonies boost it up more than a few notches.
The clip sees the fun-loving band delivering the tune riverside, under bridges, behind the bar and on an empty subway platform. It tells the story of the group coming together — with D'Amore marching up to everyone individually, introducing the viewer to each bandmate. The motif of elevated platforms is a nod to Manhattan's High Line Park, though the footage was shot in the band's home borough of Queens.

The video was directed by Dan Komarinetz and produced by Benjamin Roach of Queens, NY-based production company Lefty Motion

They said in a statement:

This video is designed as an introduction to the band members, telling a story of them coming together as frontman Tobi D'Amore marches past. The theme of elevated platform locations — bridges, raised subways — is inspired by Manhattan's eponymous High Line park, but with Queens locales instead since the Bone Chimes are Queens-based.  We made the final location a bar to switch things up a bit, plus we didn't have to go too far for our wrap party.

The whip-pan transitions (all done in-camera) were a way to link the band members visually, since everyone was filmed in different places and times.  This required each shot to be planned out beforehand. The "moving pictures" lyric inspired a flickering, old-timey film feel, with the square frame also still looking completely modern (thank you, Instagram).

You can peep through the filtered footage and see it for yourself by watching the video premiere of "High Line" in the player below. The Bone Chimes EP is due out on July 7. The band will celebrate the release with a show at New York City's Gramercy Theatre on June 20.