Bona Dish Catalogue Reissued by Captured Tracks

Bona Dish Catalogue Reissued by Captured Tracks
Following news earlier this year that Captured Tracks would be reissuing a number of Flying Nun releases, the New York label has revealed plans to repress some out-of-print material from English post-punk group Bona Dish.

The band's two early '80s cassette releases will be compiled on CD and LP for the first time as The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982, which will be released March 19. All together, the collection features 14 newly mastered tunes.

A press release notes that the band's two boys/two girls lineup was inspired by everything from the Velvet Underground to the Supremes, while standing head-to-head with post-punk peers of the time like Television Personalities, the Homosexuals and Marine Girls. The group's sound is also described as "sexual and musically fragile."

You can sample the low-key bounce of "Normal Day" down below.

The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982:

1. 8am
2. Sand
3. Fractured Heart
4. Normal Day
5. Susan Says
6. Tactile Sob
7. Actress (Rupert Version)
8. Mutation
9. Challenge
10. Intense
11. Intense Reprise
12. Jungle
13. Actress
14. Girl