Bon Iver's Grammy Win Leads Viewers to Ask "Who Is Bonny Bear?"

Bon Iver's Grammy Win Leads Viewers to Ask 'Who Is Bonny Bear?'
Legions of angry Grammy viewers flooded their Twitter accounts over Bon Iver's wins at the awards show last night (February 12), though their ire came not just because he beat out nominees like Skrillex and Nicki Minaj in the Best New Artist category, but because they have no clue who the indie rocker is.

Much like last year's confounding Who Is Arcade Fire??!!? blog, the similarly-minded Who Is Bon Iver? collects a good chunk of confused tweets maligning the supposed unknown for stealing the statuette (though the site has been up for a couple of months). Many misheard the project's moniker, referring to the act as "Bonny Bear."

In the tweets, main man Justin Vernon gets shat on for his thinning hairline, having a beard and not being Nicki Minaj, among other things. Some even argued that Minaj should have won the award because of marketing savvy.

"What the fuck? Who the fuck is bon iver? Hello bitches nicki minaj should have won, she has her own nail polish line. And lipstick by mac," a disgruntled Minaj fan wrote.

Vernon's speech left some unimpressed as well, finding his toast to those who didn't win as condescending.

"I want to say thank you to all of the nominees, to all of the non-nominees that have never been here and never will be here, all the bands I toured with, all of the bands that inspired me," Vernon said during his acceptance speech.

You can see the collection of confused tweets here.

Bon Iver wasn't the only cause of confusion last night. Paul McCartney also turned a few heads over his performance, if only because the young'uns had no clue the music icon existed. A melee of perplexing posts have been presented over at Buzzfeed with the common critique seemingly being that Macca is just too old to relate to the kids of today.

As one kid eloquently put it, "Who the hell is Paul McCartney #OldFart." A troubling sign of generations to come.