​Bon Iver Share Mysterious "Sincerity Is Forever in Season" Teaser

​Bon Iver Share Mysterious 'Sincerity Is Forever in Season' Teaser
Justin Vernon and his Bon Iver collaborators are teasing something with a new video trailer.
The clip is titled "Sincerity Is Forever in Season," and it features the tagline "Keep it Restaurant." Bon Iver's recent track "Hey, Ma" can be heard in the background.
The teaser clip hints that whatever the project is, it's "coming soon," and there are producer credits to Chris Messina, Brad Cook and Vernon. It's also watermarked with the Jagjaguwar label logo.
The label has yet to confirm if a new Bon Iver album on the way, but at least eager fans can check out some scenic nature footage in the meantime by watching the clip below.
Bon Iver's last album, 22, A Million, arrived in 2016. Last month, Vernon and co. released two new songs, the aforementioned "Hey, Ma," and "U (Man Like)." They also announced a fall North American tour.