Bon Iver "Perth (Teen Daze Remix)"

Bon Iver 'Perth (Teen Daze Remix)'
Well, that didn't take long. Earlier today (August 2), Bon Iver announced that he had teamed up with Spotify and Indaba Music to launch a remix project. Already, BC chillwaver Teen Daze has dropped his own version of "Perth."

Teen Daze transformed the lead track from last year's Bon Iver, Bon Iver into a cosmic swirl of hazy electronics and tick-tocking beats. The whole thing is doused in reverb and culminates in a slightly herky-jerky dance jam. Still, despite all the changes, the vocals mean that this isn't a complete departure in terms of structure and tone.

The SoundCloud description notes that this is Teen Daze's "first entry" in the remix contest. On Twitter, he wrote, "excited to remix every bon iver track." In other words, more may be on the way.

Read about the contest here.