Body The Thin Hour

Body started their own record label, Rosemont Recordings, to bypass the cynical and banal marketing that dominates the music industry; or so they say. Then they hand out a press release with their album, The Thin Hour, which states that it is certain to become one of the must-have records of the year - so much for cynicism. They also have a list of supposed influences that reads like a who's who of bands people like to listen to: Radiohead, U2, Pink Floyd, Portishead and even Korn. However, the apparent genre-hopping and innovation doesn't happen and the whole thing just merges into blandness instead. There isn't anything that is particularly objectionable about The Thin Hour - the band's sanctimonious attitude is as bad as it gets - but there aren't anything in the way of catchy tunes or memorable lyrics either. Without those, Body is destined to fade away into anonymity, sooner rather than later. (Rosemont)