Bob Kemmis Tomorrow Doesn't Look Good Either

Vancouver singer/songwriter Bob Kemmis (aka the Odd's secret weapon) has released a kinder, gentler and richer follow-up to his first indie release, Kemmisutra. While it retains the bemused and charmingly self-deprecating lyrical style of his first release; with the help of (future) bluegrass legends Jesse Zubot and Steve Dawson, and ex-Odds Doug Elliott and Pat Steward, Tomorrow Doesn't Look Good Either is infused with a warmth and spicy acoustic blend that gives it a varied, aromatic and full-bodied flavour. Combining traditional roots, jazz and Kemmis styles, this is a truly well crafted second release. The Neil Young-ian "Evangeline" is the shiniest penny by far, but with the exception of the mildly pompous "Love The Art"; each song is worth its weight in commemorative Millennium quarters. This is the CD to put on after you run into that one person who broke your heart, years ago, the one you never got over. This is what to listen to when you're at a loss for words. (Red Hare)