Bob Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' to Be Adapted into Feature Film

Bob Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' to Be Adapted into Feature Film
Whenever music critics write about a breakup album, chances are that they'll end up dropping a comparison to Bob Dylan's seminal Blood on the Tracks. Now that classic 1975 album is about to get a whole new life, as it is reportedly being adapted into a feature-length film.

Variety reports that Brazil's RT Features has acquired the rights to the album and Rodrigo Teixeira and Fernando Loureiro will produce. Not much else is known about the project, and the producers are currently seeking a director. While RT Features has often released Portuguese-language films, this one will be in English.

"As longtime admirers of one of the greatest albums in the history of music, we feel privileged to be making this film," said Teixeira in a statement. "Our goal is to work with a filmmaker who can create a classic drama with characters and an environment that capture the feelings that the album inspires in all fans."

There's no word as to exactly what form this movie will take, or if it will include all of the songs, but there's certainly no shortage of interesting source material. Blood on the Tracks is filled with lovelorn breakup ballads, which many critics have speculated were inspired by Dylan's crumbling marriage to his first wife, Sara. And then there's "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts," a song that has already inspired unreleased screenplays.

Whatever the filmmakers come up with, it's bound to be worth checking out -- so long as it's not an Across the Universe-style musical, that is.