Boards of Canada Record Store Day 12-Inch Now on eBay

Boards of Canada Record Store Day 12-Inch Now on eBay
Now that Boards of Canada have announced details for their new album Tomorrow's Harvest, the various clues and sound files they unleashed are less mysterious. As such, a New York resident who happens to own the band's Record Store Day 12-inch has now listed it on eBay.

As Pitchfork points out, he's planning on selling the release to make some money and start a new life post-college. Here's the seller's statement in full:

When I found this record I was anticipating some sort of unreleased track, which excited me in an almost frightening way (its just music.. right?). So when I first played the record, needless to say, I was mystified, and in some ways disappointed, but that disappointment would soon disappear. What I got instead, the experience of calling out to the web and watching the internet and its many niche-communities rally to pick apart this puzzle, was something I still haven't fully wrapped my head around, but I am at any rate incredibly thankful to have been a part of this ...thing. Now, as much as this record means to me, I'm just a college kid getting ready to graduate and move abroad and am in serious need of money, thus, as hard as it is to let this record go nothing will erase the experience of pursuing the answer this record made me ask, and moreover the satisfaction of having that question answered by the hard work of my fellow nerds (new album, yay!). My thanks to the highest bidder for helping me start out on my own, and to the web community at large for making these last two weeks so incredibly memorable. new album June 10!!! hurray!

As of press time, the record is currently sitting under $1,000 in U.S. funds, with the reserve not met. We're guessing this one's going to go for a hefty sum.

Tomorrow's Harvest arrives June 11 in North America and a day earlier in the UK via Warp.