Blur's Graham Coxon Scores British "Freak Thriller"

Blur's Graham Coxon Scores British 'Freak Thriller'
Half a year after his latest solo record The Spinning Top hit shelves, Blur's Graham Coxon has spilled some details about his latest project: a film score he's recorded for an upcoming British film.

While he opted to omit the name of the film, he did divulge a few juicy details in an interview with NME, including calling said film "a sort of freak thriller" and describing his score as "Pink Floyd with fangs."

The score is supposedly composed of Coxon's takes on old nursery rhymes and folk songs, as per the request of the film's director. Although there is no tracklist or release date as of yet, Coxon mentioned that he "came up with 13 or 14 tracks, so about 45 minutes of music."

A new Graham Coxon record, a third Gorillaz record and a new opera featuring Alan Moore from Damon Albarn? Next year looks to be shaping up pretty well for Blur fans, now doesn't it?