Blur Plan to Release "Something" in 2011

Blur Plan to Release 'Something' in 2011
Following a successful 2009 reunion, Damon Albarn promised that Blur would be releasing a series of new seven-inches. When the singer announced plans to put out a new Gorillaz album (plus a slew of other new projects), however, we assumed that Blur had been put on the back burner. Turns out we were wrong.

In a new interview, the tireless Albarn said he and his Blur bandmates recently sat down to discuss the possibility of recording new material. "Well, we met up yesterday and had a really nice chat," he told BBC 6 Music. "I think we'll probably do something. Well, we did talk about doing something, maybe, in January."

Blur won't be attempting to recapture the glory of their '90s heyday. According to Albarn, the band are planning "Something small, no career-based world-domination ideas." So, by the sound of things, we may be getting those seven-inch records after all.

Meanwhile, Albarn has reportedly recorded a new Gorillaz album on an iPad, so we're sure to hear new material from the beloved Britpop singer soon.