Blur Have No Plans to Record Another Album, Says Bassist Alex James

Blur Have No Plans to Record Another Album, Says Bassist Alex James
Even as they continue to ride the high of "best gig we've ever done," after headlining Glastonbury, Blur bassist Alex James lowered the anvil recently when he told the BBC that the band haven't talked about "doing anything else whatsoever" in the future.

It was widely speculated that after the reunited band's summer festival circuit they would enter the studio again to record their first album since 2003's Think Tank. But not so, said James in a BBC interview. "[The festival shows are] what we said we'd do and we did it and it was great. It hasn't been mentioned, the idea of doing anything else, but, hey, it was great."

And remember, this is the same guy who, in 2007, said a new Blur album would be their best yet. So if any member of the Britpop band would be game for another go, it'd be him.

Meanwhile, James elaborated on their career-highlight Glastonbury show, a set that had The Guardian calling Blur "the best Glastonbury headliners in an age." Said James, "The weather was perfect, the crowd were up for it, we were up for it and between us we smashed it to bits... What was amazing was the band's and the audiences' connection. Best gig we've ever done. Amazing."

As we reported last month, two early July shows at London's Hyde Park will be released as a limited-edition double CD and the band are accepting pre-orders here.

And, just in case, we're keeping our fingers crossed until at least one other member of Blur puts the kibosh on any plans for a new album.