Blue Skies At War You Pour The Gasoline I'll Light The Match

Yet another band to bridge the hush-hush ties between emo and nu-metal, Blue Skies At War have produced an album whose sound is likely to appeal equally to fans of Thursday as well as fans of radio rock groups such as Three Days Grace. With their aim centred squarely on the angst-ridden teenage set, lyrics such as "I don’t know if I’ll be there when everyone you love turns away from you,” can be as much a piercing arrow as a painful cliché, depending on your point of view. A few truly inspirational musical moments can be found throughout, such as the driving rhythm and fractured guitar of "Another Hero Dies,” and the powerful screams of the band’s triple vocal assault help anchor the "singing” portion of things. Guaranteed to win the band new fans on numerous sides of the musical fence, You Pour is an important release for a band who have been working long enough to deserve the break it will give them. (Independent)