Bludwulf Cryptic Revelations

Looking like something ejected from an Exploited show yet delivering music reminiscent of Venom’s heyday, Bludwulf’s latest effort, Cryptic Revelations, is more than just an homage to the heyday of dirty, evil-embracing thrash metal. Blending elements of Show No Mercy-era Slayer, in terms of an eerie, hollow recording and a relentless double-bass barrage, with Kreator’s voracious attack and Sodom’s gritty substance, songs such as "The Horror,” "Slaughtered Lamb” and "Night Breed” reek of danger as much as they do hilarity. Occasionally the band’s desire to deliver low-end chugging and demonic presence surpass their ability and tracks feel more juvenile than Bludwulf would assumedly hope. However, with so much heart put forth, it’s all incredibly entertaining. Cryptic Revelations may be the aspiring little brother to Municipal Waste’s Hazardous Mutation but should it catch up to their accomplishments thrash metal may return to stay. (Charged)