Bloody Miracles Bloody Miracles

Bloody Miracles are a quaint quartet from Peterborough, ON that have composed an auspicious debut with this rustic, twang-y effort. Primary songwriters James Kent and Nick Ferrio are adept at spinning a good yarn to suit folk instrument staples such as guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano. With the Silver Hearts’ Dave Tough providing only occasional bass, the emphasis here is more on heartfelt vocal harmonies and melodies rather than rhythm. Kent’s songs are often the most earnest, with quasi-tribute "Royal City” using the popular Three Gut band as inspiration to soundtrack a vivid tale of lost love. "Rainy October” is similarly winsome, with Kent barely keeping his shit together to sing a romantic break-up song in his quavering voice. Ferrio’s songs are no less effective, though something like "These Friends of Mind” deals more with abstractions on the rural experience. His high, lonesome voice is well suited for the old-time country sentiment behind "Star of the Prairies” and the impassioned "All Gone Now.” The recent addition of a drummer will likely push the Bloody Miracles into even more interesting territory, as they clearly have a firm handle on writing hauntingly sparse folk/country music. (Independent)