Blood Tsunami Thrash Metal

Leaving little to the imagination as to their intentions with the title of this brawny effort, Norway’s Blood Tsunami do have a foot firmly planted in heavy metal’s speedy heyday. They are not, however, a simple throwback to the days of white sneakers and tight black denim. Looking and sounding more like modern day metalcore behemoths, the band infuse elements of death and black metal into their hyperactive drive. The vocals oscillate between guttural bellowing and throaty screeches, while the instrumental portion of the album draws influence from German precursors such as Kreator and Sodom with intricately precise riffing and an undeniably venomous outlook. Due to its crisp production, elements of Thrash Metal come across as particularly Gothenburg. The reverberating atmosphere and almost unemotional presentation of riffs don’t downplay its metallic weight but there’s also no sincere sheen to the monolith. (Candlelight)