Blood On The Wall Liferz

It’s actually refreshing to catch up with New York’s Blood on the Wall and discover that almost nothing’s changed. The storming, arty garage punk trio remain committed to the sound of sludge-y guitars and wailing vocals, nipping at the heels of Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and Hot Snakes with a hunger so deep they seem poised to devour them all. Following the blast of 2005’s Awesomer, Liferz is only slightly measured, perhaps reflecting a bit of road wear, but none of the band’s Pixies-meets-Pavement energy is sacrificed. Out to prove a point, "Hibernation” gallops towards the lift of a cool bridge, while Courtney Shanks channels Kim Gordon for the mid-paced guitar noise track "The Ditch” and Helium-inspired ballad "Lightning Song.” "Junkeee… Julieee…” exchanges sparse verses for a full-on "God Save the Queen” hook chorus and "Sorry Sorry Sarah” is chock full of Frank Black’s DNA. Irreverent "word on the street” lyricists with boundlessly energetic and imaginative arrangements, with Liferz, Blood on the Wall still sound like a ferocious live band kicking the shit out of a recording studio. (The Social Registry)