Blood Diamonds and Dominic Lord "Barcode"

Blood Diamonds and Dominic Lord 'Barcode'
Following up some 2012 work with Grimes, L.A.-based producer Blood Diamonds (aka Michael Diamond) has announced a new collaborative track, this time with New York rapper Dominic Lord. The pair's new tune is called "Barcode," and you can stream the song now.

The track slaps together a deep and percussive clap with poppy grand-piano runs and some rippling synth oscillations. Despite the uplifting backdrop, which also includes some smooth female R&B backups, Lord gets a little dark on us when he hints in a chopped-and-screwed timbre that we should hide our families from him ("AK 47, and I'm comin' where you live").

"Barcode" will be for sale February 26 through OWSLA, along with some remixes.