Bloc Party "Flux" / "Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)"

Bloc Party 'Flux' / 'Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)'
Bloc Party are an ambitious bunch and "Flux” is a statement where they declare their liberty to try whatever they like. Fair enough, but like any artist that takes a creative U-turn there will be supporters and haters waiting desperately to give their two cents. News around the blogosphere have stated that Bloc Party’s front-man Kele Okereke has been DJing as of late, fulfilling his passion for dance music, but something convinced him Bloc Party could be part of that impulse. First things first, this band are no strangers to the club scene; Silent Alarm was remixed and released in its entirety, and yep, it worked nicely and let us not forget "The Prayer” and its neo-R&B stomp. But "Flux” goes one step further, employing some high-speed gurgling techno courtesy of producer Jacknife Lee to support the Okereke’s emoting wail, belting out a chorus like: "We were hoping for some romance / All we found was more despair / We must talk about our problems / We are in a state of flux.” (So, it turns out indulging in dance music doesn’t exactly lighten him up.) The verdict? While I can appreciate their determination, "Flux” doesn’t work; it’s painfully predictable and flat, proving the band still have a lot to learn about what constitutes a hot banger that deserves to be playlisted by the world’s trendsetting DJs. Personally, I couldn’t imagine Diplo, Erol Alkan, Soulwax or Annie Mac dropping this tune, let alone endorsing it with a six-figure sized remix.

Where Bloc Party and dance music align beautifully though is in sourcing out remixes. In the last three years, their singles have been transformed by the likes of big guns like Para One, the Glimmers, the Streets, SebastiAn and Crystal Castles, among the other 12 who contributed to Silent Alarm Remixed. But I’ve got to give them credit, luring Burial out of his subterranean lair to put his dubstep spin on A Weekend In the City’s "Where is Home?” for a b-side on the "Flux” twelve-inch. Bloc Party’s fiery electronic post-punk that birthed the original is drowned to within its last breath through the deep bass groan of Burial’s murky cavernous underbelly. Okereke’s passionate call is recognisable only in his highest register, which in itself, is the only real characteristic salvaged from the band’s version. Something tells me Bloc Party and Burial don’t share too many fans, but this is the track that should change that for both parties.

Bloc Party "Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)"

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