Bliss Quiet Letters

Opening with strains of strings and a gentle accordion, Bliss’ Quiet Letters establishes it’s musical mission from the moment the sounds begin. A record of beautiful chill-out music from a nation-spanning collective, Quiet Letters has the feel of a living, breathing film soundtrack, taking you by the hand through the gentle moments in your life. Though the song selection here is a mix between re-recordings of tracks from their 2001 debut Afterlife and brand-new tracks, the flow of the album remains intact, moving the listener deftly from one sonic arena to the next. Though the slow, subtle, relaxed feeling of the song can sometimes make them feel a little too much like background music, most possess their own unique spirit and sound which has the ability to draw you in on its own merits. Perfect for late nights, early mornings, or the moments in-between, Quiet Letters offers a gentle mix between soft sadness and serene joy. (Music For Dreams)