Blink-182 Shed Light on Upcoming EP, Set December Release Date

Blink-182 Shed Light on Upcoming EP, Set December Release Date
Last week, veteran potty-humour enthusiasts Blink-182 hinted they were planning to release a new EP before Christmas. Now, the pop punk trio have spoken out to confirm these plans and shed a little light on what the material might sound like.

Singer-bassist Mark Hoppus explained in an email to MTV, "As it stands today, the EP is set to release on December 18. We're not sure how many songs will make the final EP... hopefully all five, but we'll make the final determination when the mixes are complete."

It will be independently released following the band's split from Interscope Records and will be available from iTunes and/or via Blink's website. By the sound of things, it will be exclusively digital, and Hoppus confirmed that pre-orders will begin "in the next week or so."

Drummer Travis Barker told Rolling Stone, "To me already, this EP is a hundred times better than Neighborhoods."

The band were in the studio together last week in Los Angeles, marking a change from the remotely recorded prior LP. The new material reportedly includes what Barker called a "very folky" song, and this fits in with the band's new game motto: "The rule is there's no rules."

In addition to the new songs, Hoppus confirmed that the band intend to sell Christmas gift bundles with "a special screened, museum-quality poster, limited-edition T-shirts and sweatshirts, wrapping paper, holiday cards and whatnot."

While the full details of the EP have yet to be set in stone, it's good news that this one looks to be coming out in time for Christmas.