Blink-182 "Rabbit Hole"

Blink-182 'Rabbit Hole'
We're just weeks away from the arrival of Blink-182's long-awaited comeback album California, and based on the quality of its lead single "Bored to Death" fans are rightly excited. Fortunately, that song wasn't just a fluke, as Blink have offered more fist-pumping pop punk on "Rabbit Hole."

The album's latest single clocks in at two and a half minutes, making it much more brisk than their 10-hour loop of "Built This Pool." Built on melodic bass, crunchy guitars and a timeless, anthemic chorus, it's a Blink hit that could have appeared on any of their classic albums.

Listen to Blink-182's "Rabbit Hole" below, and peep their North American tour dates here.