Blackvoid "Keep It Up" (video)

Blackvoid 'Keep It Up' (video)
Blackvoid are ramping up to release a new EP this summer, but before it arrives, the band have given Exclaim! the first look at their new video for "Keep It Up."
With roots that span between Montreal and Mexico, it's no surprise that Blackvoid offer up an eclectic sound that showcases a variety of influences. Self-described as "the love child of George Clinton and Kurt Cobain," Blackvoid straddle the line between groove and grunge, all the while keeping the energy level impossibly high.
The video splices live performances from the band with footage of a briefcase-toting, breakdancing man (played by Montreal street dancer Bertro Erelimo) who delivers stuffed toys to sad children, band merch to street wanderers, and entertaining dance moves to everyone he meets.
The forthcoming EP was recorded with Dave Traina of Damn Truth, and is expected out in August. As we await the final details, get acquainted with Blackvoid by watching the video premiere of "Keep It Up" in the player below.