Black Tambourine Get New Much-Deserved Anthology on Slumberland

Black Tambourine Get New Much-Deserved Anthology on Slumberland
In 1989, members of Whorl and Velocity Girl converged to form Black Tambourine, a female-fronted indie pop group heavily influenced by '60s pop, the Shop Assistants, the Jesus & Mary Chain and Phil Spector. In other words, this pre-dated and highly influenced modern bands like Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Brilliant Colours and so many others.

Black Tambourine quickly called it quits in 1991, as their other projects ate up their time, but they left behind a small but fantastic collection of songs on various singles and compilations. Thankfully, Slumberland Records have dream pop on lockdown, and have decided to follow 1999's Complete Recordings with another anthology compiling every song the band ever recorded, plus some new extras.

Like Complete Recordings, this upcoming self-titled release collects all ten of the band's singles and comp tracks, but adds a half-dozen previously unreleased newbies. Along with demo versions of the indie pop classics "For Ex-Lovers Only" and "Throw Aggi off the Bridge" (yep, that's in reference to the Pastels' Aggi Wright), the new collection features four tracks recorded by a recently reunited Black Tambourine, whose original members offer up two new originals and covers of Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat" and Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream." Pretty cool, right?

Slumberland will make the whole thing available on March 30 on CD, as well as a two-LP vinyl deal. In the meantime, check out the OG version of "For Ex-Lovers Only" here.

Black Tambourine:

1. "For Ex-Lovers Only"

2. "Black Car"

3. "Pack You Up"

4. "Can't Explain"

5. "I Was Wrong"

6. "Throw Aggi off the Bridge"

7. "Drown"

8. "We Can't Be Friends"

9. "By Tomorrow"

10. "Pam's Tan"

11. "For Ex-Lovers Only" (First Demo)

12. "Throw Aggi off the Bridge" (First Demo)

13. "Heartbeat" (Buddy Holly)

14. "Lazy Heart"

15. "Tears of Joy"

16. "Dream Baby Dream" (Suicide)