Black Lips Set Release Date and Reveal Tracklisting for Arabia Mountain

Black Lips Set Release Date and Reveal Tracklisting for <i>Arabia Mountain</i>
As previously reported, Atlanta nu-garage titans the Black Lips recently holed up with producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson, and when they weren't sitting around reading Exclaim! news, they put the finishing touches on the Lips' sixth full-length, Arabia Mountain.

 The band already launched the sunny, goofy music video for lead single "Go Out and Get It" earlier this month, and now they have revealed Arabia Mountain will be available on June 7 via Vice Records.

Ronson was responsible for producing nine of the album's 16 tracks, with Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt helping on other tracks. A press release explains that "the production tests the limits of modern amplification technology, harkening to the full, meaty sound of Fun House or Lola Versus Powerman or whatever your favourite record of 1970 is."

In April, the band will kick off an expansive North American tour that includes stops in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. All dates are available here.

Arabia Mountain:

 1. "Family Tree"
2. "Modern Art"
3. "Spidey's Curse"
4. "Mad Dog"
5. "Mr. Driver"
6. "Bicentennial Man"
7. "Go Out And Get It"
8. "Raw Meat"
9. "Bone Marrow"
10. "The Lie"
11. "Time"
12. "Dumpster Dive"
13. "New DIrection"
14. "Noc-a-homa"
15. "Don't Mess My Baby"
16. "You Keep On Running"