The Black Keys Quash 'Blakroc 2' Rumours

The Black Keys Quash 'Blakroc 2' Rumours
Excited about the new album from the Black Keys' hip-hop project Blackroc? Don't be. Despite the intriguing trailer that hit the web just a few weeks ago, it turns out that the celebrated blues rockers currently have no plans to follow up their 2009 Blakroc album.

In an interview with Atlanta's 92.9 Dave FM [via Consequence of Sound], drummer Patrick Carney said that the recent teaser was unauthorized and circulated without the band's consent.

He explained, "Blakroc 2 is not coming out soon, although somehow a trailer that was made two years ago without our permission was then recirculated again without our permission."

He continued, "We have stuff recorded for it -- we have about eight songs that I guess are done -- but those were all recorded two years ago, around October of 2009. So Backroc 2, there are no plans for that to be released as an album."

It's not all bad news for Black Keys fans, however. Carney said that the follow-up to last year's Brothers is "coming out soon." Check out the interview below.