The Black Keys "Little Black Submarine" (video)

The Black Keys 'Little Black Submarine' (video)
Though the Black Keys recently had to fill out some paperwork when they launched lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot, the Ohio-based outfit's best-written work is still their bluesy tunes. You can catch the band do their thing down below in the concert-styled clip for El Camino cut "Little Black Submarine."

The whole thing takes place in a sweaty supper club and finds guitarist-vocalist Dan Auerbach letting into a soft and shushed intro with his wet, stringy hair matted against his mug. It's not too long until the full band crank into the rock number for an adoring throng... and a couple guys playing pool off to the side.

The clip might not feature such compelling figures as the freaky man-babies of their last video, "Gold on the Ceiling," but it's a straight-up, no-nonsense kind of video that fits the Black Keys' sonic M.O. 100 percent.