Black Dawn Blood For Satan

Embarrassing stuff, this black metal, and Black Dawn may just be leading the "goofy" contest to date. After taking one look at that shameful cover art (my grade three Halloween costume was scarier; I was Ace Frehley) you just want to give up altogether. The music enclosed within said disgrace isn't as bad as you'd think, which isn't to say it's good, however. Black Dawn offer blasting, anti-social black metal, which all becomes a blur soon enough, with bad high-pitched vocals and ludicrous Satanic lyrics. Luckily hordes of black metal fans seem to eat this sort of thing up. They've got good samples, breaking up the murderous monotony a little bit. Sure, it's not my genre of choice, but I still cannot listen to this with a non-biased ear without thinking about how it just totally sucks. (Necropolis)