'Black Christmas' Score Gets First-Ever Release via Waxwork

'Black Christmas' Score Gets First-Ever Release via Waxwork
Bob Clark's holiday freak-out Black Christmas may well be the greatest Canadian horror film ever made, so the score celebrators at Waxwork Records are toasting the infamous flick with a new vinyl release. If you're looking for some appropriate musical accompaniment for sitting in a darkened attic with a plastic bag on your head, please note that the first-ever vinyl release of Carl Zittrer's score to the 1974 film goes up for sale on Friday (December 4).

A press release notes that Zittrer's "haunting, dissonant score" has never been released in any format, with the master tapes having been missing for 40 years. The composer and Waxwork spent a year tracking down the music, with Zittrer going on to spend many months putting together "a cohesive, definitive Black Christmas soundtrack experience." The mastering was done by Thomas Dimuzio.

Black Christmas is a landmark piece of horror cinema concerning a group of sorority sisters being tormented and murdered by a perverted, prank call-loving killer. Exclaim! noted in our recent Essential Guide to Canadian Horror that "it remains to be creepy and thrilling," and basically "invented the slasher prototype."

Though Waxwork hasn't yet offered up details on any colour variants, it did reveal the record jacket artwork. Canadian horror illustrator Ghoulish Gary Pullin's piece, which finds the gleaming-eyed killer poised to slash, can be seen up above.

In related news, Waxwork has also offered up more details on its forthcoming vinyl release behind 2015 holiday monster flick Krampus. As previously reported, Back Lot Music delivers the digital release on Friday (December 4), and Waxwork confirms the vinyl variation goes up for sale the same day. Waxwork also revealed its exclusive artwork, an illustration of a terrifying, toy-covered wreath that was prepped by Justin Erickson (Phantom City Creative). You'll find the creepy piece below.