Black Bananas "Foxy Playground" (video)

Black Bananas 'Foxy Playground' (video)
Black Bananas' new single "Foxy Playground" is a funky rocker that could score any sort of fun time -- at a club, in the bedroom, etc. If you guessed leader Jennifer Herrema's chosen play spot was an abandoned shack in the middle of a desert, you get a gold star, because those are her stomping grounds in the band's grainy new video.

Down below, you'll find Herrema, decked out in a plaid poncho and furs, smoking a ciggy while casually exploring the desolate dwelling. It's pretty messy, and there's an old Alf doll hanging from the rafters, but Herrema still manages to get wild on a run-down set of eighty-eights.

You can check out the rest of her spirit journey down below.

"Foxy Playground" appears on Rad Times Xpress IV, out now on Drag City.