Björk Unveils 'Biophilia' Artwork, Release Date

Björk Unveils 'Biophilia' Artwork, Release Date
Since announcing her ambitious Biophilia album and iPad project earlier this year, endlessly inspiring Icelandic artist Björk has had us on the edge of our seats as we await the album's release. As new songs slowly leak from the project, we're now happy to share more details on the release.

The flowery image above that resembles both a musical note and eyeball is the album's official artwork, and will adorn all of the various release formats available for Biophilia.

 As could be expected, the various formats mentioned include a two-CD version, LP version and a digital download. In addition to those, there's also the Biophilia"manual," a "48-page, full-color, hardbound, cloth-covered, and thread-sewn book, tipped on lenticular panel to the front cover, with foil-blocked spine and back cover; the music is housed in black uncoated board wallets."

Better yet is the Biophilia "ultimate edition," which is "presented in a lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged-lid case, consists of the Biophilia Manual along with ten chrome-plated tuning forks, silkscreened on one face in ten different colors, stamped at the back, and presented in a flocked tray. Each fork is adjusted to the tone of a Biophilia track, covering a complete octave in a non-conventional scale."

The ultimate edition also comes with a hand-numbered certificate, but it will run you a hefty$800.

All formats are available to pre-order right now from Nonesuch.

Biophilia will be available on September 27 via Nonesuch/Warner Music Canada, though the Biophilia iPad app is available from the Apple App Store today (July 19).