Björk and David Attenborough Explore 'The Nature of Music' in New Documentary

Björk and David Attenborough Explore 'The Nature of Music' in New Documentary
David Attenborough's best-known documentaries are about nature and wildlife, but his latest flick will feature a natural wonder of a very different variety: Icelandic pop experimenter Björk. The pair are teaming up for a music documentary called Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music.

The Hollywood Reporter [via Consequence of Sound] notes that the Pulse Films-made feature will follow Attenborough and Björk as they trace music's evolution and explore humanity's relationship with the art form. It also looks to how technological advancements might shape the future of music -- something that the ever-adventurous Björk doubtless knows a lot about.

Part of the film concerns Björk's 2011 app album Biophilia, which had an intro narrated by Attenborough.

Pulse's Lucas Ochoa said in a statement, "Born from Björk's revolutionary music project we are thrilled to be able to document this incredible journey with her; she is undeniably one of the most iconic figures in popular culture and truly pushes boundaries like no other artist does."

The film was directed by Louise Hooper, and this is the documentary that Björk promised when she first announced Biophilia more than a year ago. At the time, the project was described as a making-of documentary that "will follow Björk through the entire creation of Biophilia."

Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music will air in Britain on Channel 4. There's no word as to how or when it will come to North American audiences.