Björk Karaoke Marathon

Björk Karaoke Marathon
A couple days ago, we were treated to a sneak peek from Björk's mysterious Biophilia project, courtesy of an iPad app. The as-for-now untitled track was an epic instrumental full of regal brass. If that didn't sate your weekly Björk kick, you might want to check out this playful clip.

As previously reported, the chanteuse is hoping the people of Iceland can regain control of geothermic power concern HS Orka from Canadian company Magma. While she started a petition to protest the foreign investors' ownership of HS Orka, reportedly already up to 20,000 signatures, she still needs 15,000 more signatures before the Icelandic government can intervene in the controversial acquisition.

With that in mind, this week, the musician decided to collect more John Hancocks for the cause using her singing skills via a karaoke marathon that began yesterday (January 6) at the Nordic House in Reykjavik and will run until tomorrow (January 8). The goal is to sing from 3 p.m. to midnight each day and, hopefully, attract enough attention for Icelanders to lend their scrawl to the cause.

You can check out a clip of Björk gleefully singing with a chipper old man below.

Thanks to NY Mag for the tip.