Björk "Hollow" (video)

Björk 'Hollow' (video)
Icelandic pop genius Björk is not unaccustomed to doing things differently, so when we heard that her latest music video for "Hollow" featured the animated process of DNA replication, it wasn't all that surprising.

What is surprising is how cool she's made science look. Teaming up with "biomedical animator" Drew Berry, Björk has produced a clip that makes biology look pretty gorgeous.

Explaining the decision to delve into genetics for the visuals, Björk told NPR, "It's just the feeling when you start thinking about your ancestors and DNA that the grounds open below you and you can feel your mother and her mother, and her mother, and her mother, and her mother 30,000 years back. So suddenly you're this kinda tunnel, or trunk of DNA."

"Hollow" appears on last year's Biophilia, and you can watch the stunning video for it below.