Björk "Family" (visuals)

Björk 'Family' (visuals)
If you wanted to know the full story behind the eye-popping artwork for the upcoming physical edition of Björk's Vulnicura, some slick new visuals behind the LP's "Family" will do its best to try and explain.

The clip, a collaboration between Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang, presents a 3D animation pan across a chrome-plated figure draped across a rock. Eventually, the animated landscape enters the real world, with a layer of pink ooze covering the figure in an act of rejuvenation. As you might have expected, once that cavernous chest wound sews itself up, the person is revealed to be Björk.

You'll find the fascinating display, scored by a section from the avant-garde vocals-and-strings piece, down below courtesy of FACT. Physical copies of Vulnicura arrive March 24 in Canada through Sony Music.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story called this video, but Björk's team has explained that it's in fact a moving album cover meant to promote the physical release of Vulnicura.