Björk "Crystalline" (snippet video)

Björk 'Crystalline' (snippet video)
As Björk keeps dropping hints about her upcoming Biophilia album, we've yet to hear anything from it until now. The legendary Icelandic songstress has just revealed a snippet of a new song called "Crystalline" through a video of her driving and listening to the track.

The unfortunate brevity of the clip means we only get to hear about 30 seconds of the song. Aside from the knowledge that it's a rhythmic track with Björk's signature vocals, there's not much else to learn from the clip. The plus side, however, is that for 30 seconds you'll feel like you're going on a roadtrip with Björk.

Check out the snippet below.

björk - road to crystalline from Björk on Vimeo.