Björk At Work With Arca on 'Vulnicura' Follow-up

Björk At Work With Arca on 'Vulnicura' Follow-up
Icelandic pop icon Björk enlisted the help of Venezuelan super-producer Arca for her last full-length effort Vulnicura, and it has now been revealed that the two will carry their artistic relationship forward in recording a follow-up record.

Sitting down with comedian Julia Davis for an interview with fashion and culture magazine AnOther, Björk shed some light on the nature of her next project, also revealing that she and Arca have completed three songs already.

"I'm writing my next thing. I'm still allowing myself to be a submarine; I don't totally have the view of it yet," she revealed. "It's funny, each album is different for me. Like, what comes first? With this one it's maybe the melodies. This is very abstract, but the melodies have a similar kind of shape."

"The last album, we sort of call it 'hell' – it was like divorce! So we are doing paradise now. Utopia. We have done hell, we have earned some points."

When Davis asked if there were any deadlines in place for the new record, Björk revealed that her philosophy is "that it is ready when it is ready."

"It should be from the artist's point of view, not the business one," she said. "So I am very blessed that way. A lot of my mates have the same job as me, and they definitely have not had that."

Additionally, Robin Carolan of Tri Angle Records took to Instagram late last week to defend Björk against those who don't think she produces or writes her own records. "She writes, produces, composes, sings. She might bring people in to facilitate her vision, but first and foremost it is HER vision...And yes, her new material is going to blow you all away," she wrote. Read through the post below.