Bitter Fictions "Floor According"

Bitter Fictions 'Floor According'
Calgary-based drone explorer Devin Friesen has become a one-man army of experimental music thanks to the arsenal of interesting releases from his Shaking Box Music imprint. Up next, he's returning to his Bitter Fictions moniker for some more solo guitar output. Next month, he'll issue a new LP called Jettison, and he's been kind enough to give Exclaim! an exclusive first taste.

In an email to Exclaim!, Friesen explained that the new album sees a "heavier emphasis on texture & analog decay than prior releases," adding that "the tapes are sometimes as much an instrument as the guitar/pedals chain."

This comes through clearly on "Floor According." The seven-minute track offers plenty of out-there sounds that are hard to place — it sounds far more ethereal and majestic than just some dude playing guitar in his basement.

Listen to "Floor According" below.