Birdwatcher Afternoon Tales The Morning Never Knew

Windsor For The Derby front-man Dan Matz's choice to venture out and continue his side project as the Birdwatcher is a smart move. Even though his band released a beautiful record of their own earlier this year, it's nice to see that the Birdwatcher's second release is just as determined as WFTD's fifth. Performed and recorded all by his lonesome, Afternoon Tales The Morning Never Knew is a brooding, secluded effort that inspires beauty through its hushed vocals, and curiosity for its noise within the silence. Each track reveals even more than its predecessor, showing just how focused Matz is and sticking with his knack for writing placid music. Even when he attempts to pick up the pace a bit with "The Hush," a song that manages to reveal a pulse, he doesn't make it sound uninvited. He is a man cursed with the ability to create sombre songs, but the curse is actually a talent, so there really is nothing to be sad about. (Arena Rock)