Birdman Sues Tidal for $50 Million over Lil Wayne's 'FWA'

Birdman Sues Tidal for $50 Million over Lil Wayne's 'FWA'
The tangled web of legal battles surrounding Lil Wayne and Birdman continues to get more complex. Not only is Weezy suing his Cash Money Records boss, but Birdman was recently named in indictment regarding an alleged plot to murder Lil Wayne. Now, yet another lawsuit has been filed, this time by Birdman against Jay Z's streaming service Tidal.

The lawsuit concerns Wayne's album FWA, which was released earlier this month as a Tidal exclusive. Birdman is demanding $50 million, claiming that he has exclusive rights to Weezy's music and that Tidal acted illegally by releasing FWA.

TMZ reports that the suit is fairly insulting towards the folks at Tidal, since it says that the release of FWA is "a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service." Furthermore, it argues that FWA's "tepid reviews" could hurt Cash Money in regards to marketing the rapper's music. (As mean as this claim is, there's no question that's FWA's reviews have been weak.)

The legal papers quote Cash Money's contract with Wayne, attempting to illustrate that he doesn't have the right to license his music out to anyone else. Tidal, on the other hand, argues that it obtained the right to stream Weezy's music in exchange for giving the rapper part ownership in the company.

Given that Tidal is now duking it out against Apple Music and Spotify in the streaming market, we're guessing that this lawsuit is the last thing it needs.

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