Bionic, Trigger Effect, and Starvin Hungry

Bionic, Trigger Effect, and Starvin Hungry
At a well-attended showcase for brand-new upstart Signed By Force Records, the label's three acts took to the El Mocambo stage with all the piss and vinegar that their newly-released records promised. They also took to our ludicrous questions about Charmed, Roswell, and Party of Five much better than they could have, given that, seriously, who knows what Jennifer Love Hewitt's character's last name was on Time of Your Life? What the hell is Time of Your Life, anyway?

We'll have full interviews up here soon; not only is there about ten more minutes of Trigger Effect regaling us with stories of dudes catching fire at their shows from the back of their trailer, but there's a five minutes explanation of the genre "skamonica" from Bionic, who once told a journalist that their records consisted of one channel of ska, and one channel of only harmonica. Then there's a series of elaborate lies involving vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Cummins' work with Treble Charger, and a fine story about Ian Blurton (who played in the band's first incarnation) leaving a shit-stained towel for those wacky Treble Charger kids to wipe their faces with following a triumphant show where, for some reason, Bionic opened.

All three bands have brand-new records out now on Signed By Force. You can check out Keith Carman's review of Bionic's Black Blood here, and his review of Trigger Effect's Dare To Ride The Heliocraft here. Both are certifiably awesome, as is Starvin' Hungry's yet-to-be-reviewed Cold Burns.

Bionic "Shake It Annie, Shake It"

Trigger Effect "Scientific Method"

Starvin Hungry: "Contagious (Live)"